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Repurpose, Redevelop & Manage For High Quality Asset Class.


The Project will be managed by OneSG (“OneSG”) as a boutique real estate developer with cross borders funding options. 


OneSG has a highly experienced team whose senior executives have collectively been involved in the project management of over $1 billion of development projects.

The services to be provided include all steps to ensure the Project is brought to the marketplace in a timely manner and that all development conditions imposed by the relevant authorities are complied with. Such services included by are not limited to the following:


-  coordinating the briefing, selection, commissioning and management of all consultants to provide specialist input to the Project;

-  coordinating of all activities relating to government relations, public relations (including relations with the local community and neighbours),  promotion and marketing;

-  scheduling and organizing meetings, preparing of papers, reports to the Board of Directors, recording and dispatch of minutes of meetings to the members of the Board of Directors; and

-  coordinating of the preparation of regular reports on all aspects of the Project including progress reports on the Project and individual stages.

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