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MEP Preventive Maintenance Regime

OneSG provides a full suites of professional expertise and industry knowledge for the well-beings and efficient lifecycles of all machinery, pump and equipment of the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services within and for all MCSTs in Industrial & Commercial Estates.

Using Lift with Wheelchair


Passenger / Cargo Lifts 

For compliance & adoption of SS550:2020 governed by BCA, to ensure the occupants safety in the use of any vertical transportation including escalators in shopping malls and mixed use developments.


Facade & Roof

BCA introduced Periodic Facade Inspection updated March 2022. Building more than 20 years must undergo regular inspection (Every 7 years) and certification by our Competent Person to safeguard the safety of the lot owners/tenants and general public whilst maintain the water-tightness, outlook of the estate and improves the values of the estate.

Image by Marina Grynykha
fire sprinkler


Fire Fighting System

To ensure the proper, fast and direct evacuation of all users/occupants in emergency of fire and smoke hazards as well as minimizing any permanent damages to the physical properties and lives of the occupants. All provisions must be complied with SCDF Regulations.


Proprietary & Specialist Equipment

To ensure the efficiency of the all pumps, equipment and machinery working at its optimal performance. Regular and preventive maintenance regimes including spare part replacements must be carefully planned for, procured in advance and installed in orderly manner. These items must also complied with industry standards and specifications.

Image by Mike Hindle
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