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  • What are the duties and responsibilities of a Managing Agent?
    1. Daily smooth functioning of the estate's cleanliness, security, landscape, pest control, swimming pool, refuse disposal, routine repairs & maintenance, scheduled maintenance works as well as preventive maintenance regimes for all key services etc. 2. Payment management, facilities booking, car parking matters, term contracts management, council meetings, audit, AGM/EOGM planning, licences renewal, statutory compliances etc. 3. MCST Accounting: Monthly financial statements; monitoring of cash flow, renewal of fixed deposits, arrears management & monitoring, financial control etc.
  • What is the BCA accreditation scheme for Managing Agents?
    With effect from 2021, Managing Agents have to undergone structured training of Module 1 conducted interactively by the Building and Construction Authority Academy. This accreditation schemes will be recognised by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to support industry efforts to raise MA market standards and awareness of BMSMA.
  • What are the criteria for an accreditation?
    For MA firms to qualify for accreditation, they must have a minimum of the following orders: 30% of its individual MAs accredited from February 2021. This minimum percentage will be increased to 50% from February 2022 and 70% from February 2023.
  • Why choose ONESG Holding Pte Ltd?
    ONESG HOLDING PTE LTD is an established Managing Agent Services company. It is committed to providing quality property management with established infrastructure and capabilities as below: 1. Mechanical, Electrical & Fire Management. 2. Building Defects & Facade Management. 3. R&R Works & Project Management. 4. Energy Efficiency Management. 5. A highly committed HQ with business support and technical know-how. 6. Established procedures and SOPs in line with market best practices.
  • What are ONESG commitments to Clients?
    Knowledge of MCST and other building management-related legislations. ONESG has a team of experienced and qualified professionals who are specialists and experts in their respective fields of study and experiences. ONESG is knowledgeable in legislations and regulations relating to MCST management and building-related compliances.
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